10 Divorced Men On The Moment They Knew Their Marriage Was Over

It is always a sad thing when a marriage ends, but there are moments when you know that the marriage is over. It all just depends on whether you are interested in realizing it. The Huffington Post recently compiled the thoughts of 10 men that were divorced that knew at an exact moment when the marriage was over.

In most cases marriages are riddled with signs when it is no longer going to work. One of the biggest signs is spending less time apart. Divorced men that realize that they have a marriage that is in trouble will typically spend less time with their spouse and they will communicate less.

There are others that are in bad marriages that tend to tolerate bad behavior that comes in the form of paranoia or jealousy. There can be a spouse that is easily irritable and quick to have a temper tantrum over just about anything.

There are so many instances where women that are looking for a way to leave a marriage will convince themselves that the marriage is not going to work. In most cases this comes from other divorced friends that do not have a spouse themselves.

These men also realized that the marriage was over when they did not care enough to try anymore or they came to the realization that they are not even friends with the person that they married. When these type of messy issues arise it is to your advantage to leave the marriage because it is not working.