11 Foundation Blocks For A Long Term Relationship

Great relationships have several solid foundation blocks that steady the way people relate to each other even during the tough times. Here are eleven sound blocks to establish in your relationships:

1. Be Honest with each other. A good relationship does not involve secrets.

2. Establish a form of communication that works for both of you. Find ways of approaching each other with difficult information that will not shut the communication down. Great information is easy to share.

3. Establish trust. Sharing your fears, personal issues, and vulnerabilities will help you understand each other better. This can increase compassion and tolerance in the relationship.

4. Create a common bond by agreeing on your basic values in the relationship. Go back to these in times of disagreement.

5. Find ways to support each other’s weaknesses. All of us have areas we do not feel strong in. Use each other’s strengths to find good solutions.

6. Talk about finances presently and in the future. Establish common goals that can sustain you now and allow growth in the years to come.

7. Share your ideas about establishing a family. When would be a good time to have children and how many if you both decide you want children as part of your life together.

8. Discuss and agree on the type of lifestyle you want to live.

9. Determine the boundaries of the relationship as to what choices are acceptable and what choices will violate trust.

10. Maintain good relationships with family and friends.

11. Remember commitment is shared. Do not take each other for granted.