12 Scientific Reasons Why Daily Sex with Your Partner is Good for Your Marriage

Marriage is a blissful time. The best part about it is when you get to add a little sexual fun with your partner. Science says that daily sex is good for a number of reasons. Here are a few reasons you and your partner should share some daily sex according to the scientists we know.

The first reason is that it helps one to decompress. When you wonder what you can do for your spouse after a rough day at work, then sex it is. You get to have your needs fulfilled and stress levels drop. A double win if you ask us.

Another reason scientists say to have sex daily would be to burn some calories. Why go to the gym when you can learn to flex in the bed? If you’ve been trying to get healthy, daily sex is the way to go.

Yet another reason we have found would be that it brings you closer. One of the top reasons relationships don’t last is boredom. They feel their partner doesn’t know them. You learn what the other wants and can keep each other happy all the time long.

There are many people who feel so many kinds of pain when they are married. Work that pain out with some sex. You use muscles that you don’t even know exits. To go with that, you have better heart health with all the cardio you get and sex has shown to decrease blood pressure issues for those who suffer from it.

Many have said that they sleep better after sex. You aren’t going to bed with any tension. Plus you are on the same page as the one you love. When you sleep better and other health issues are resolved, you will find that yet, another reason is that you’re healthier all the way around as this boosts your immune system.

All in all, sex will give you a happier lifestyle. Women will love the power sex can have as they will find their periods are regular due to the hormones involved. They work muscles in the pelvis which also helps them when it’s time for childbirth. Many other health things can happen like sex has been linked with reducing cancer which many women worry about being diagnosed with. How can you say no to a daily dose of sex?