15 Signs That You’re With the Right Person

1. You find yourself never being forced to worry about their antics, whether it be from trust in them or from having similar lifestyles.

2. The affection you show comes naturally, and you do not feel you have to force it out.

3. Neither of you feels the need to lie to each other.

4. You feel better with them around.

5. They make you laugh, even after years together.

6. Your arguments do not linger and cause barriers between you.

7. Your attraction to them is still strong.

8. Neither of you needs to sacrifice your careers for the other

9. You support each other through financial and emotional highs and lows.

10. You usually get along with the people in their social lives, whether it be friends or family.

11. You can clearly acknowledge their weak areas, and you accept them completely.

12. You aren’t afraid to admit to them when either one of you is wrong

13. You trust them to always have your best interests in mind, regardless of the situation.

14. The two of you spend time apart and you do not feel it threatens your relationship.

15. They make you feel more comfortable when you otherwise might not be.