32 Cheap and Fun Date Ideas for Couples

Whether you’re trying to connect with a new fling or keep the spark alive in your marriage, fun and affordable dates are essential. But most people are over dinner and a movie, so try your special someone to a special date.

1. Pack a picnic and have a romantic lunch at a park
2. Grab a few board games and have a game night
3. Go on a long drive on a scenic route
4. Try a geocaching scavenger hunt
5. Sing your hearts out at karaoke
6. Find a public arena and practice ice skating
7. Go splash around at the beach
8. Workout together
9. Visit a museum
10. Window shop at luxury shops
11. Volunteer at the animal shelter together
12. Go treasure hunting at a flea market
13. Go to trivia night at a local bar
14. Watch a movie during matinee
15. Give back by volunteering at a soup kitchen
16. Go to a busy place and people watch
17. Head to a pick it yourself farm and load up on strawberries, raspberries, or even apples
18. Go to a carnival and try all the rides
19. Find an interesting recipe and cook it with each other
20. Take a cooking class together
21. Wander around an art gallery
22. Learn a new language together
23. Check out a low key concert
24. Visit a drive in movie theater
25. Ride bikes through your city
26. Go to a yoga class
27. Pack a tent and go camping in the wilderness
28. Built a pillow fort and watch movies in it
29. Look through an antique shop
30. Go to an open house in an expensive neighborhood. Can’t hurt to look, right?
31. Take a tour of a local brewery
32. Grab a blanket, drive into the country, and stargaze from the back of your truck