Billy Bob Thornton Says This Is The ‘Only Reason’ He And Angelina Jolie Divorced

Billy Bob Thornton recently opened up about his relationship with Angelina Jolie and why they were just not compatible with each other. Although the two are no longer married, it was a good time for Thornton. He is still friends with Angelina and admires her for all of the work that she has done in life and the goals that she has accomplished.

Thornton and Jolie met in 1999 while working on the movie “Pushing Tin.” Even though they are 20 years apart, the age difference didn’t stop the desire that they had for each other at the time. Jolie was Thornton’s fifth wife as they were married from 2000 to 2003. The marriage was short-lived, but it was one that Thornton enjoyed. The one reason that the marriage ended was because they led different lives at the time. Jolie has always been a woman who enjoys traveling and working in all areas of the world while Thornton enjoys staying closer to the comforts of home. There wasn’t any real tension in the relationship aside from the distance that was put between them when Jolie would travel as this made it difficult to have an intimate relationship that Thornton wanted with Jolie.