When a Asian Woman Marries an White American Man

If you are an Asian-American woman married to a white man, you should expect certain things to happen.
Some people will think that you are a betrayer to your own race. They think that you have given up love for your own for your own race and chosen the white race. You may end up in a conflict within yourself over whether you are Asian or white. It will be an endless conflict as long as you are married to a white man.
Some people can’t help but insult you for having a relationship with a white woman. They will not only say that you betrayed your race. They will say that you despise yourself, you hate your Asian heritage, and that you are interested in a getting rich by marrying a white man. You should be prepared for some of the hatred that you get from certain people.
You will have to deal with the stereotypes that Asian-American men have about Asian women marrying white men. Asian women are trying to make themselves in higher esteem in white culture by marrying or dating white men. Asian men feel that white culture has always been trying to erase Asian culture and marrying or dating Asian women continue their diminishing of Asian culture.
Asian men also think that they deserve to have the companionship of Asian women. Asian women will lose their Asian pride if they are not with Asian men. Asian women will no longer stand up for Asian rights. Asian women can only hold up their head high if they marry or date Asian men.
When an Asian-American woman marries a white man, they should be expected to be called a betrayer of their race. They should expect hatred from certain people and that people will insult all aspects of your marriage. Asian men think that you married to be higher financial and cultural status. Asian women will lose their pride if they marry a white man. If Asian women know these things, they should be able to deal better with the problems that they will face when marrying a white man.