Relationship Anxiety: The Reason Why You Have Unhappy Relationships

There are a ton of people that have relationship anxiety, and this is one of the main reasons why so many people are unhappy when they are involved with someone.

1. Not Getting Over Your Ex

If you feel like you have been done wrong in relationship before it is only natural for you to feel like this could happen again. This is why some people have relationship anxiety. They find someone that is not treating them right, and they automatically assume that they are going to experience the same thing again. This can cause a lot of relationship anxiety where people find themselves unhappy again.

2. Not Ready to Settle Down

There are a ton of people that are dating, but they are not really ready to settle down. These people avoid relationships even if they are meeting with someone that is compatible. That is the thing that makes it hard for them to be happy. They do not value relationships because they are too busy trying to get to know other people.

3. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

There are a lot of people that find themselves in relationships that sabotage anything that could get serious. The reason that they often do this is that they have a fear of missing out. They do not want to be tied down because they may believe that they are missing out on a better opportunity for another relationship. They may also feel that they are missing out on the single life.