Woman Who Sent 65,000 Texts To First Date Says ‘Love Is An Excessive Thing’

The woman that sent over 65,000 text messages after a single date is making headlines in the news again for a recent statement. Jacqueline Claire Ades is the text message stalker that sent 65,000 messages after an encounter that she thought was true love.

She has stated that she thought that they would get married like everyone else, and she has said that love is an excessive thing. She believes that she was simply doing what people would do if they were in love, but the receiver of the 65,000 text messages clearly did not see things the same way.

For many people this has raised a lot of eyebrows when it comes to texting and communication in general. Even couples that are married are not sending 65,000 text messages. There may be periods where people that are dating are texting more in the beginning because they are trying to get to know their potential partner. The reality, however, is that these were not all love notes in text message form. To the contrary, these were messages that presented Jacqueline as a stalker.

She has stated that love is an excessive thing, but she clearly overstepped the boundaries when it came to the amount of texting that should be done to anyone. That thing that may have baffled many spectators that have read her story is the time frame in which she started sending so many text messages. There was only a single date, and this should not warrant that type of behavior.