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Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Photos Are Giving People Lots Of Feelings

Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Photos Are Giving People Lots Of Feelings

Many fans have been very curious for months now about the relationship status for Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. The two have been spotted several times out and about together looking very much like a couple. Nick Jonas who is 25 and Priyanka Chopra, now 35, were just recently spotted by fans and paparazzi attending a wedding for a cousin of Jonas’ over the weekend in Atlantic City. However, they have not only been spotted just this weekend, but a number of different times. It appears that the two have been observed on many separate occasions out together and looking like what appears to be ‘like a couple’. The photos that have recently surfaced from paparazzi have captured the two with insanely adorable expressions confirming there is definitely something in the works. The photos seem to document the two enjoying time together and being attentive to one another. If the pictures prove that these two are in fact a couple it seems that they have full support from their fans via all the positive comments and posts on social media. We cannot deny it as fans. Everyone is happy about the adorable potential of a new Hollywood couple and such a sweet duo at that!

4 Ways Anxiety Disorders Makes Dating Harder

4 Ways Anxiety Disorders Makes Dating Harder

Anxiety is something that many people suffer from. It makes it hard to go through every day life, but there are a few ways that anxiety keeps a person from dating. A person looking to meet someone needs to be aware of these things and bare these in mind to make it less harder for these individuals.

The first thing is that a person with anxiety isn’t willing to take the risk. If you are shy and you want that person to come to you, if they have anxiety, chances are they won’t make that move. You have to be willing to initiate contact.

Secondly, those with anxiety are going to think the very least of themselves. Anxious people are self conscious. So, when she tells you she doesn’t find herself pretty, it’s not fishing for compliments. It’s true, she finds herself unworthy.

Many anxious people will find a way to get out of things. People who suffer from anxiety disorders will second guess things time and time again. So, be persistent. Keep sending an invitation. Meet them halfway.

Which leads to the last way that anxiety disorders make it hard. People who have this don’t like big crowds. They don’t like to be the center of attention. Find low key things until they are comfortable with you. A true date will find things that they are passionate about which will take the stress off them.

5 Body Language Signs That Mean He's Into You

5 Body Language Signs That Mean He’s Into You

Most of the times women feel insecure about how the other person feels about them but here we got you some of the things that men do if they are into you.

First of all the way he looks at you it sounds really simple and maybe you have heard of it but have you paid attention the way he looks into your eyes while you are talking.

Number two does he tries to get your attention, men are just like kids they want to show off so you can notice them all time.

Number three is he constantly smiling when you are talking to him, if your guy smiles everytime you talk to him that means he is trying to pay attention to the conversation meaning he cares of what your saying.

Number four does he leans towards you when you are talking, this is a clear sing he’s into you because he wants to be closer to you.

Number five he always walks beside you all the time because he wants to be sure you’re by his side.

These are some examples of body language that your man might use while you’re together.

The 1 Reason Men Freak Out About Dating

The 1 Reason Men Freak Out About Dating

Although it might seem like men have one or two reasons as to why they don’t want to date someone exclusively or why they don’t want to date at all, there are actually a few reasons men freak out. Men tend to avoid their emotions. They don’t want other people, especially women, to know that they might not have the tough exterior that they are known for having. Sometimes, the man could be stressed about something that isn’t even related to you or dating. However, if you’ve been seeing the person for some time and have finally let your guard down before he freaks out, then there could be an emotional detachment or a fear of commitment.

Men sometimes become afraid that they will lose the freedom that they have before dating or feel that they aren’t the type of man who others will see as the one to get married. Talk to your significant other to discover the reasons behind his insecurities before making a decision to go or stay in the relationship.

4 Sneaky Signs a Marriage May End in Divorce

4 Sneaky Signs a Marriage May End in Divorce

Relationships can be a struggle. If your not paying attention, you might miss some warning signs your marriage is headed for a divorce. Here are four things to consider

1. Way Too Much Affection

Though affection is great, it can often suddenly be way over the top. This is especially a concern, if you’ve barely touch each other for years. It doesn’t hurt to ask, “what’s the occasion?”

2. Your Partner Hoards Their Phone

If you find your other have having a panic attack after you pick up or touch their phone, something else may be going on behind your back. The need for immediate secrecy or your spouse seems as if they can’t lay down their phone near you can be very unsettling. You begin to feel as if they seriously don’t want you to see something.

3. New undergarments

More lingerie in the dresser drawer is good, however, if you aren’t using them together then it may be time to ask some questions. Clean undergarments are normally the huge sign your partner just may be impressing someone else.

4. Connection is Dead

You seem to be living two different lives and your vibe is completely off. Sometimes couples can get out of sync and not even realize it.

My Husband and I Text More Than We Talk – and That's OK

My Husband and I Text More Than We Talk – and That’s OK

Most married couples are bogged down with raising kids, getting them to sports games, making lunches, attending PTA meetings and cooking evening dinners. It’s no wonder with today’s technology, married couples opt to stay in touch by text rather than verbally on a daily basis. This type of communication can, in fact, bring some romance to the relationship if used wisely.

Though you may be coordinating schedules and asking each other who picked up who, you can also send sexy texts to plan a date night. A step further with the texting, though sending naked pictures is not recommended, could also mean building up a juicy texting stream all day. This can go on until both of you are in bed ready to enjoy one another. You may feel like giddy teens jabbering back in forth making each other laugh or simply letting each other know how much you love one another.

Family and friends may find it weird while in your presence, but what works for some doesn’t work for others. If your texting life is more exciting than your verbal one and everything is on track with the family’s schedule, then why stop? In the end, it’s what makes both of you happy.

How to Make Your Friends with Benefits Situation Last

How to Make Your Friends with Benefits Situation Last

Sometimes a girl just wants to have the ecstasy of hooking up with an attractive guy without the commitment and responsibility needed for a relationship. This is where a “friends with benefits” situation comes in handy. But before jumping in bed, make sure you know how to make the situation last.
When choosing your “friend with benefits”, pick someone who you’re comfortable with but ok with cutting off. If you hook up with a coworker or a dear friend, the situation will could awkward fast and you’ll likely have to cut them out of your life (which is especially hard to do with a coworker).
When you are regularly intimate with someone, it is normal for feelings to develop. If you want the situation to remain sex only, it is advisable not to have day-to-day communications or do “couple things” together like going to the movies or out to dinner.
The whole point of a friends with benefits arrangement is to have fun sex, but it isn’t fun if you don’t communicate your boundaries. If you’re not comfortable with their sexual needs or desires, communicate or cut them off.
As you’re not in a monogamous relationship, practicing safe sex is super important. Always wear condoms and it never hurts to use birth control and spermicide as well.
A friends with benefits situation is a good way to get the fun of sex without the monotony and commitment of relationships. If you maintain boundaries and are comfortable and safe, the friends with benefits situation can last.

9 Signs He's Not a Cheater

9 Signs He’s Not a Cheater

Cheating undoubtedly ruins lives and hurts everyone involved in the end. However, if you are certain your guy is loyal, here are 9 signs he’s probably not a cheater.

1. He has a big family

It’s noted that men from large families often don’t cheat. Consider asking if he
has any siblings.

2. Extrovert

This type of personality goes against those who like to influence.

3. He loves Pantera

Studies show heavy metal music lovers are way less likely to cheat.

4. He’s has love and trust

When men feel they are embraced, trusted and their sex lives are completely, they often don’t stray.

5. Faithful Friends

If his friends are good to their partners, then this is a good sign he doesn’t even think about cheating.

6. Lacks getting aroused

If its difficult, then he is less capable of running around one you.

7. Midwest

Men from this area, a poll shows, don’t cheat on their partners.

8. Income

If both of you make equal pay, then cheating is not in his thoughts.

9. He just isn’t the type

Sometimes its a man’s personality that determines a cheater. If your man doesn’t even exhibit these behavior, then there really isn’t anything to worry about.

Is It Rude to Have Sex at a Friend's House When I'm a Guest?

Is It Rude to Have Sex at a Friend’s House When I’m a Guest?

Many people wonder it is rude to have sex at a friend’s house when they are a guest. According to the etiquette experts it is not recommended to have sex while staying at a friend’s house.
When crashing on a couch or other area there is a lack of privacy. Anyone can walk into the room at any time and see the sex act happening. This can be upsetting if the friends have children. The friends are not going to want to hear it as well.

The biggest reason not to hook up at a friend’s house is because they are going to need to clean up after their guest. No one wants to clean up a room or even touch the same sheets even if the couple was discreet and do their best to be clean. When staying with friends it is not a good idea to have sex at their place.

How Can You Tell if a Guy Is Ready to Settle Down?


The stigma that a man or woman believe that they are trying to hard in a relationship or whether they think they are annoying their partner should be a thing of the past. Basically, when you care about someone it should be evident that you would want to go out of the way for that person. However, if it is obvious that they don’t reciprocate the same feelings, then you should bail. It seems pretty black and white what I have stated, but there is a gray line that makes is so hard for either the girl or guy to understand if they truly are liked. For instance, what if a guy shows interest by maybe Face-timing you from everyday to barely anything at all. However, the reason behind this is because they genuinely think you are busy. The question is are they true to what they are saying or do they not like you anymore. It seems that the best option would be just to go up and ask that person what is up between us, but this seems so impossible because when they do call you just melt. It feels like the person cared about you always, and that everything is okay, however, it is not. There must be a more concrete reasoning behind their actions and you must be the one to get to the bottom of things. If that is not your style like me then let things play out and see how they may go, but if you’re also like me you still gotta know somehow, some way.