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How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationships can be challenging and difficult sometimes, but there are definitely ways to make them work. If you are in a long distance relationship and want to keep the fire in your relationship alive and well, you’d be wise to pay attention to these 4 tips.

Send Your Partner Something Special

When you live close to or with your partner, you receive certain reminders that you are not alone all of the time. Maybe it’s the scent of their shirt? Maybe it’s a gift they gave you, such as, a ring or necklace that you wear all of the time? When you aren’t with them, neither of you get these benefits. To make up for that send them something of yours that you want them to have in order to remind them of you.

Share Plenty of Photos

It may feel odd to continually send your long distance love new photos of you but, the truth is, they need them. Don’t just send them one picture and call it a day. Be sure that you share plenty of pictures on an ongoing basis so they know you care. It will also help them to feel closer to you, because they get to see you as you are at any given moment.

Play Together

Life is full of work, and it’s hard to have fun with one another when you are so far away. This can be remedied by playing games online with each other or playing games on the phone. A fun phone game can be a trivia game where questions are asked and answered for points, and online games can include anything from morphing’s to board games that have been digitized. Be creative and have fun!

Communicate More

All of the space and time away from your lover can put a wall up between the two of you. One of the best things you can do is to stay in touch and talk with one another. Communicate your feelings about each other, how your day went, and talk about all of the things you might normally talk about to someone who is with you on a daily basis.

While long distance relationships do provide a challenge, difficulties can be overcome by taking the time to remind each other that you are real and present. Get creative, and have fun!

Top 5 Biggest Turn Offs for Men

Top 5 Biggest Turn Offs for Men

There are a few big turn offs for men. The first turn off is tattoos. Most women think that a little tribal ink is going to make them look interesting and unique to a man. But this is not the case for most men. This is because these men are going to be looking for potential wives and future mothers of their children.

The second turn off is bad breath. This is something that just makes sense because no one is going to want to kiss another person who has smelly breath. The best thing is to stay away from foods that might cause you to have bad breath. But if you have to eat these foods, then chew some gum or have a breath mint.

The third turn off is having a lot piercings. Most of the time, the man is not going to mind one or two in your ear but when you have a lot in different places, then it can be very excessive. Therefore, if you already have a lot of piercings, you can just let them close up and they should no longer be a problem. But if you have huge holes, you will probably not be able to let them heal up.

The fourth turn off is smoking cigarettes. Not only are the cigarettes going to be bad for your and he could get second hand smoke. But the cigarettes are also going to make your clothes smell like smoke.

The fifth turn off is when a girl bits her fingernails. Some guys don’t really care, but some will care about the appearance of their lady. Plus it is a very bad habit and it is not very hygiene. A lot of people are not going to want to touch someone’s hands that bites their nails.

Why Are You Still Single?

Why Are You Still Single?

Albert Einstein said, “The meaning of madness is doing likewise again and again and expecting distinctive outcomes.” Don’t be insane looking for a partner! It’s time to do things differently.

Become Ready
Even if you feel ready for a relationship, it doesn’t mean you are ready for one. Potential partners can sense that and run. To be ready you have to be confident in your own self and your ability to thrive outside of a relationship. A positive vibe will attract a positive tribe, which in turn will attract positive experiences and possibly love.

Rethink Your Standards
It’s okay to wait for someone worth your time and efforts. If you find yourself always critical of every person you meet you may need to open your mind, however. Decide what is absolutely non-negotiable and be flexible about the rest. Don’t miss out on someone amazing because you wouldn’t give them a chance.

Up Your Standards
Don’t settle for just anyone that strokes your ego or your body. If you find yourself continually ending up alone, you may be more focused on having someone than having the one. You are not desperate and disposable, so don’t waste time on everyone that gives you attention. Friends with benefits rarely results in a relationship.

Expand Your Circle
There may seem like there is a lack of singles to mingle with, but if you expand your interests and activities you are sure to open up a whole new world of potential significant others, and have fun in the process!

Think Like A Man
Men don’t overthink things when it comes to emotions. They’re not planning the future way in advance, they enjoy where they are at. Don’t stress, don’t analyze, let things unfold naturally.

Be genuine, open and enjoy the journey!